How do I Treat My Hip Dip?

Published on April 24, 2018

I have a lot of patients in which their ultimate goal is to have improve their overall figure. They want a snatched waist and fuller hips. It is very common to have hollowness to your lateral butt and hip area.

There are several methods to treat the hip dip area depending on the severity and the ultimate desired outcome. The most common way to treat the hips and lateral butt is fat transfer as this is typically done in combination with liposculpting. The liposuction of the flanks (love handles) and the fat transfer to the hips and lateral butt will help patients achieve more of an hourglass figure. The combination of the making the waist as small as possible and enhancing the hips is what produces the figure that most of my patients’ desire!

A new treatment is the use of Renuva, which is a processed fat. The benefits of the Renuva is that is a filler that can be injected in the office similar to other fillers. The fact that it is processed fat it has the benefit of providing long-term augmentation. The difficult part of the Renuva is that it can be costly when not used in a selective manor. Renuva tends to be a great option for hip augmentation touch-ups or to fill specific areas on the hips or lateral butt. It is difficult to use Renuva for an entire butt augmentation.

Sculptra is another great product that can be used to augment the hips or lateral buttock. Like the Renuva it is typically best used to fill specific areas of the buttock or hips. A large amount of product is needed to perform an entire butt augmentation. The Sculptra stimulates the body to create collagen and typically gives results that last up to a year and half.

There are several good options available to treat the hip dip and improve your overall figure. The options range from surgery to office procedures that can be performed in under an hour. The office procedures are typically a process as the majority of patients will need several treatments over a period of time to achieve the results they desire.

Please consult with your Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon so that you he or she can discuss the options available to enhance your hips and ultimately improve your figure.