What are Surgeons Doing to Make Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeries Safe?

Published on August 26, 2019
Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries have been one of the fastest growing procedures in U.S. A BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) has become extremely popular as it not only enhances the buttock it improves the overall shape of the patient. This total body transformation has made the procedure appeal to a wide range of patients.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries have raised some concern in terms of safety because of something called fat emboli. This is where fat can enter the blood stream leading to issues. Over the past couple of years’ research has help physicians determine risk factors that would put patients at increased risk for fat emboli.

The determination of these risk factors has helped surgeons improve their surgical techniques to improve the safety of BBL surgeries. Some of the following risk factors have been identified and have led to changes in the surgery.

Placement of Fat Injections: To date all reported cases of Fat Emboli have been in patients that have had fat injected into the muscle. The muscle is where the large blood vessels are and it is believed that this predisposes patients to fat emboli. The current recommendation is to avoid any intra-muscular fat injection. Thus, fat is injected into the subcutaneous space (fatty area of the butt and hips).
Cannula Size: The current recommendation is to use larger sized cannulas for fat injections. The concept of increasing the size of cannulas is that one, it allows surgeons to know the location of the tip of the cannula. This helps prevent intra-muscular fat injections. It also leads to the injection of larger particles of fat, which is believed to limit the ability of the fat to migrate into the muscle.
Subfascial pressure: There is current studies being done on the amount of fat that should be injected to limit this pressure. Also on the protective nature of the fascia to keep the fat out of the muscle.

Research is ongoing in evaluation and development of new techniques that will continue to make the procedure as safe as possible for patients. The Brazilian Butt Lift is an incredible procedure that transforms patients entire figure. As a medical community, we will continue to work to make the procedure as safe as possible.

Patients that are interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift should discuss these risks with their Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. Your plastic surgeon can discuss the risks and benefits of the surgery, and the steps they take to enhance your safety and aesthetic outcome.