Is It Possible to Combine Butt Implants and Fat Transfer to Add More Volume?

I commonly do a combination of butt implants and fat transfer. The reason for this is several fold. One is that the liposuction of the flanks will help shape the waist to give you more of an hour- glass figure.

The butt implant is used for the overall projection and volume of the buttock. This is great for patients that have a limited amount of fat available for transfer or what a significant amount of projection and size to their buttock.

I then use the fat to shape the lateral buttock and hips. This will let me put the icing on the cake of your butt augmentation. The fat can round out the buttock and sculpt any areas that are still lacking after the implant. It gives me more control as your surgeon to help you achieve your aesthetic goals from your procedure.

The combination of butt implants and fat transfer can make a dramatic difference for patients in terms of overall shape and butt enhancement.

Please discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentation procedures.

Can I Get Implants and Fat Grafting to make my Butt Look and Feel More Natural but Still Plump and Round?

The combination of butt implants and fat transfer is an incredible procedure as it combines the best of a Brazilian Butt Lift and an augmentation with implants. The implant will give the patient the projection and fullness that they often desire from their butt augmentation. The fat is then used to soften the implant as the fat is an added layer of insulation around the implant. The fat can also be used to add volume to the hips or other areas that the implant did not augment.

I typically place the butt implants in a subfacial position, which holds the implant securely in position and allows the maximum amount of projection. The implant is used to shape the buttock giving it a more round, lifted and youthful appearance.

The fat transfer is used for two purposes. One is to sculpt the waist as the liposuction that is needed for the fat harvesting is typically removed from the flanks and abdomen. This is useful in transforming your shape from square to hourglass. The fat can then be processed and placed around the implant to add more fat above the implant. The fat can also be used to augment the hips as the butt implant may not completely fill the hips.

The idea of using fat is not new to plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons have been using fat in breast reconstruction to soften the implants giving them a more natural appearance and feel for years. The more fat there is around the implant whether it is fat that was naturally there or fat that was transferred will buffer the implant. This is true for breast or butt implants.

A butt augmentation with implants and fat transfer is a great option for patients that want the maximum amount of projections, improve their overall shape and still want to have a natural feel to their buttock.

Please consult your board certified plastic surgeon that has experience in butt augmentation procedures.