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Do Brazilian Butt Lift Results Last?

Published on September 25, 2017

This is a great question as patients want to know the long-term outcomes of their Brazilian Butt Lift. It is important to know what you can expect from your butt augmentation surgery as this will help you make the best

Do any Surgeons in Austin Texas Specialize in Performing Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeries?

Published on September 18, 2017

When I first moved to Austin Texas from Miami I was told that I would never do anymore butt augmentation surgeries. That statement couldn’t be any further from the truth. The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the most common

When Can I Sit After My Brazilian Butt Lift (Butt Augmentation with Fat Transfer)

Published on September 13, 2017

Brazilian Butt Lift is quickly becoming one of the most popular procedures in the United States because it can give patients a total body transformation. The combination of the liposculpting and fat transfer can give patients the hourglass or A