Why has Butt Augmentation Become So Popular In Austin, Texas?

Butt augmentation has become popular all over the U.S. not just Austin. Butt augmentation has been the fastest growing aesthetic procedure over the past couple years. In fact, butt augmentation was the fastest growing aesthetic procedure in 2015! This is for several reasons, one people have started to embrace their natural curves and now want to accentuate them. Second the procedures for butt augmentation have improved dramatically over the past few years, which have made the results consistent and fabulous!

The Brazilian Butt Lift consists of shaping the waist and flanks then processing the fat and transferring it to the buttock and hips. This combination of sculpting the body and fat transfer has given patients the ability to have their shape transformed from a square appearance to more of an hourglass figure.

Butt Implants have also improved over time. Just as breast implants have continued to improve with time, so have butt implants. The butt implant surgery has evolved as well to give more reliable and exceptionally aesthetic results. Newer methods for placement of the butt implants in a subfacial position have made the surgery easier for patients and safer.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is also another new advancement that has added to the results of butt augmentation. The thought is that the growth factors that are carried in PRP increase the “take” rate of the fat that is transferred in a Brazilian Butt Lift – thus, leading to a better overall aesthetic result.

These procedures can be done alone or in combination. The changes that a patient can achieve with this procedure can transform an individual’s overall shape. The majority of my patients want to look good in clothes, as the goal of the procedure is not only to enhance the buttock, but also improve the overall shape of the individual.

Please see your board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentation surgeries.